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    Installing Firefox Sync on WebFaction

    Below is a complete set of commands needed to install the Firefox Sync server on your WebFaction shared account. Tested on CentOS 7.


    Go to the Webfaction Control Panel and follow these steps:

    1. Ceate a new application: mod_wsgi + mod_wsgi x.x.x/Python 2.7
    2. Ceate a new subdomain: Default settings
    3. Ceate a new website: Sync subdomain + Sync application
    4. Ceate a new database: PostgreSQL + Unicode + Tsearch2

    Now SSH into your WebFaction account and start pasting.


    Copy the values for the DOMAIN_SYNC, APPNAME_SYNC, DBNAME_SYNC, DBUSER_SYNC and DBPASS_SYNC variables from the WebFaction control panel.



    pip2.7 install virtualenv
    cd ~/webapps/$APPNAME_SYNC
    git clone https://github.com/mozilla-services/syncserver
    cd syncserver
    make build
    sed -i "s@public_url = http://localhost:5000/@public_url = http://$DOMAIN_SYNC/@" syncserver.ini
    sed -i "s@#sqluri = sqlite:////tmp/syncserver.db@sqluri = postgresql://$DBUSER_SYNC:$DBPASS_SYNC\@localhost:5432/$DBNAME_SYNC@" syncserver.ini
    sed -i "s@#secret = INSERT_SECRET_KEY_HERE@secret = `head -c 20 /dev/urandom | sha1sum | tr -dc 'a-zA-Z0-9'`@" syncserver.ini
    cd $HOME/webapps/$APPNAME_SYNC/apache2/conf
    sed -i "s@DirectoryIndex index.py@#DirectoryIndex index.py@" httpd.conf
    sed -i "s@DocumentRoot $HOME/webapps/$APPNAME_SYNC/htdocs@DocumentRoot $HOME/webapps/$APPNAME_SYNC/syncserver@" httpd.conf
    sed -i "s@python-path=$HOME/webapps/$APPNAME_SYNC/lib/python2.7@python-path=$HOME/webapps/$APPNAME_SYNC/syncserver/local/lib/python2.7/site-packages/@" httpd.conf
    echo "" >> httpd.conf
    echo "WSGIPassAuthorization On" >> httpd.conf
    echo "WSGIScriptAlias / $HOME/webapps/$APPNAME_SYNC/syncserver/syncserver.wsgi" >> httpd.conf
    sed -i "s@<Directory $HOME/webapps/$APPNAME_SYNC/htdocs>@<Directory $HOME/webapps/$APPNAME_SYNC/syncserver>@" httpd.conf
    sed -i "s@Options +ExecCGI@Require all granted@" httpd.conf
    sed -i "/AddHandler wsgi-script .py/d" httpd.conf

    Firefox settings

    1. Go to about:config and change the value of identity.sync.tokenserver.uri to http://DOMAIN_SYNC/token/1.0/sync/1.5 (replace DOMAIN_SYNC with your own)
    2. Disconnect all devices from your Firefox account
    3. Re-enable sync on all devices

    Finish and clean up

    cd ~/webapps/$APPNAME_SYNC/syncserver
    sed -i "s@# allow_new_users = false@allow_new_users = false@" syncserver.ini
    local/bin/python2.7 bin/delete_user_data.py $MAIL_FF_ACCOUNT

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