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    Caja Rename Latest version


    Caja Rename is an extension for Caja allowing users to rename multiple files/folders in a single pass. The application can change the case, insert, replace and delete strings, as well as enumerate the selection. Any changes are instantly visible in the preview list. The user interface strives to be as simple as possible, without confusing advanced operations.


    Arch > Manjaro > etc.

    pamac build caja-rename-bzr
    caja -q

    Ubuntu > etc.

    sudo add-apt-repository ppa:robert-tari/main
    sudo apt update
    sudo apt install caja-rename
    caja -q

    From source

    Build dependencies [1]

    Runtime dependencies [1]

    [1] The package names may slightly vary among various Linux flavours

    bzr branch lp:cajarename
    cd cajarename
    python setup.py build
    sudo python setup.py install --root=/ --optimize=1


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    The Caja Rename dialog

    The Caja Rename dialog
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