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    Monkey's Audio Codec Latest version 4.11.11, 1471 installs from the PPA

    This codec enables you to decode audio files in the Monkey's Audio format (usually having an *.ape extension). If you have an entire album as an *.ape file paired with a cue sheet (*.cue), you can now split it into separate tracks - extracting the wave audio or converting directly to something more convenient e.g. FLAC.


    Arch > Manjaro > etc.:

    sudo pamac install mac

    Ubuntu > etc.:

    sudo add-apt-repository ppa:robert-tari/main sudo apt update sudo apt install mac


    Here is how to convert a single *.ape file to wave:


    You can extract the tracks from an *.ape album if you have a cue sheet using this:

    shnsplit -f "/PATH/TO/CUE/FILE" "/PATH/TO/APE/FILE" -d "/PATH/TO/OUTPUT/FOLDER" -O always -t "%n. %p - %t"


    If you want to use shnsplit, you need to install the shntool package.


    Project page on Launchpad
    Source code on Launchpad
    Repository on Launchpad

    For a GUI application see the Odio project page.

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