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    Super Audio CD decoder Latest version


    SACD decoder is a command-line application which takes a Super Audio CD source and extracts a 24-bit high resolution wave file. It handles both DST and DSD streams.

    The application reads the following input:

    Supported output sample rates:


    sacd -i infile [-o outdir] [options] Specify the input file (*.iso, *.dsf, *.dff) -i, --infile The folder to write the WAVE files to. If you omit this, the files will be placed in the input file's directory. -o, --outdir The output samplerate. Valid rates are: 88200, 96000, 176400 and 192000. If you omit this, 88.2KHz will be used. -r, --rate Only extract the 2-channel area if it exists. If you omit this, the multichannel area will have priority. -s, --stereo Display progress to new lines. Use this if you intend to parse the output through a script. This option only lists either one progress percentage per line, or one status/error message. -p, --progress Show detailed information about the input -d, --details Help on syntax and parameters -h, --help


    Arch > Manjaro > etc.

    pamac build sacd-decoder-bzr

    Ubuntu > etc.

    sudo add-apt-repository ppa:robert-tari/main sudo apt update sudo apt install sacd

    From source

    Build dependencies [1]

    [1] The package names may slightly vary among various Linux flavours

    bzr branch lp:sacd cd sacd make sudo make install


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    For a GUI application see the Odio project page.

    24th June 2015, 18:16 GMT
    Why 96 khz? They are not best suited 88,2 khz or 176,4 khz (integer dividers 2,8224 Mhz)?
    24th June 2015, 23:27 GMT

    I have expanded the application info to answer your question. Please, post future questions on the Launchpad project page - thanks for visiting .
    8th June 2017, 08:28 GMT
    thank you so much for this as the foobar under wine route is no picnic; and this really is ... much appreciated
    Juan Miguel
    22nd June 2017, 06:57 GMT
    Hello Tari, thank you for your work. A long time ago that I migrated from Ubuntu to Fedora, and I have to tell you that this utility works perfectly in my system. Download, make and play!!
    25th December 2017, 20:51 GMT
    Thanks for you great job.
    1st January 2018, 10:27 GMT
    Great work.
    5th July 2018, 14:40 GMT
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