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    Unity Mail Latest version, 496 installs from the PPA

    Unity Mail is an application that integrates your mail into the Unity, MATE, Xfce, LXDE and other desktop environments. It displays notifications about incoming mail, shows the number of unread messages and displays subjects in the Messaging Menu. The Launcher item also has a quicklist that provides quick access to your mail folders (configured for GMail by default). It also allows you to quickly compose a new message. Unity Mail starts automatically, all you have to do is to enter your accounts settings in the configuration dialog.


    Arch > Manjaro > etc.:

    pamac build unity-mail

    Ubuntu > etc.:

    sudo add-apt-repository ppa:robert-tari/main sudo apt update sudo apt install unity-mail

    The application will start automagically the next time you log in. Alternatively, you can start it immediately by pressing ALT+F2, and entering "unity-mail".

    Bug reports/feature requests/questions/etc.

    Please use the approppriate link on the Launchpad project page. If you only wish to leave a comment, do so by using the button at the top of this page.


    Project page on Launchpad
    Source code on Launchpad
    Repository on Launchpad


    Unity Mail in the messaging menu

    Unity Mail in the messaging menu

    The quicklist

    The quicklist

    Settings dialog, accounts

    Settings dialog, accounts

    Settings dialog, options

    Settings dialog, options
    Hjalmar C.
    25th February 2017, 23:23 GMT
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